Monday, September 28, 2015

Madonna Music Monday - Rebel Heart Tour Edition - 09/28/2015

Well it's finally here. Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour hits Chicago at 8pm tonight. To say that I am way beyond EXCITED to see this show tonight is an under-statement. Whenever I see Madonna in concert, its always a moving experience. And I'm hoping tonight is no exception. Of the many songs being performed on this tour, I really hope Madonna performs GHOSTTOWN tonight (she has been going back and forth with Who's That Girl and this song). So as a preview to tonight's show, with fingers crossed, here is Madonna singing the amazing song that is Ghosttown. ENJOY!!!

Ghosttown (Live at Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY)09-19-15


Monday, May 4, 2015

Madonna Music Monday - 05/04/15

Today I want to share the video to what is without question the best Madonna song from her new album REBEL HEART. Actually I think this song is one of Madonna's best songs in a long time. The video for this song was released a couple weeks ago and I've been watching it over and over. This song has some of Madonna's best lyrics. Madonna is in great voice. Plus she looks AMAZING in this video. So here is the video to Madonna's latest single, GHOSTTOWN. Enjoy!


Friday, March 20, 2015

My Top 25 GLEE Performances...

Well the time has come. The great musical series GLEE has come to an end. And to celebrate all the great music featured on the series, I am putting together MY top 25 favorite performances. These songs were not just great new versions, but in most cases they helped carry the plot of the story line within the episode it was featured. A good song needs an emotional connection in order for it to be a GREAT song. So here are my fave performances, in no particular order. Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Walt Disney World, Here I Come...2015 Edition....62 Days and Counting...

So here we are. Less than 62 days until I'm at The Happiest Place on Earth, Walt Disney World. In a few a days, I will be able to book my Fast Passes. Once that is done, my trip plans should be pretty much in place. One of the most important parts of any Disney trip planning is deciding where to eat. With literally hundreds of eating options at Walt Disney World, deciding where to eat can be a fun or difficult part of the planning. Since I'm only going for 5 days, and I'm on the Basic Dining Plan for this trip, I only have to plan for four sit-down meals. But you try picking four places to eat out of hundreds of options!!! LOL. Lucky for me, my co-traveler is letting me pick what places to eat at. So here are the four meals I have booked for this trip.

On Wednesday, May 20th we have a booking for dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant located inside the Magic Kingdom. Themed after the classic Disney film Lady & The Tramp, this eatery serves classic Italian fare at moderate prices. I've only eaten here a few times and it has been awhile since I have, so I think its time to re-visit this place. I'm looking forward to having the seafood pasta, it looks very tasty. Mmmmmmm.

On Thursday, May 21st, we are booked at 50's Prime Time Cafe located at Disney's Hollywood Studios (well at least that's what the park is called....for now!!!). A tribute to household kitchens of the 50's, 50's Prime Time Cafe offers classic American comfort foods like meatloaf, fried chicken and pot roast. Every dish brings to mind those meals that your Mom used to make. The waiters at this Cafe also like playing tricks on its customers. DON'T put your elbows on the table or else you will hear about if from the wait staff. I think I'll have the meatloaf. I LOVE meatloaf. LOL.

Friday, May 22nd will be the day that the Magic Kingdom will be open for 24 HOURS!!! On that day we plan to visit all four theme parks in one day. Since we'll be park-hopping all day long, we will skip a sit-down meal and just either snack or grab quick service meals all day long. This is gonna be a fun day of park-hopping, we'll just grab something to eat and GO! 

Saturday, May 23rd will be our Epcot day. I LOVE Epcot. It's the most ADULT of all the theme parks. So much to eat, drink and see. So planning a meal at Epcot can be a challenge. Since my friend Albert has some food allergies, I think we should play it safe. So I have booked La Hacienda de San Angel, one of two Mexican restaurants located in the World Showcase portion of Epcot. I have only eaten at this restaurant once, shortly after it open in 2010. I had a GREAT dinner meal here. So good that I did not realized I had spent two hours on my meal! I also had a great server, Sergio. Really pleasant and very attentive thru-out my meal. The fact that he was from Mexico and we were able to converse in Spanish made the dining experience special. I have yet to have any bad service at any of the meals I've had at Walt Disney World. I'm really looking forward to eating, and DRINKING, at La Hacienda de San Angel. Can someone get me a Margarita!!!

For our last day at Walt Disney World, I thought we should have a character based meal. So for breakfast, we will be dining at The Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. This buffet-style restaurant features characters from Disney's beloved Winnie the Pooh films. This buffet has plenty to offer for every family member. The whimsical greenhouse themed restaurant is beautiful and very relaxing to eat at. You easily forget that your inside a theme park. This will be a great way to end our short but fun-filled Disney trip.

So we'll see how our food choices actually pan out once we're at Disney World. You know how things just happen and plans get changed at the last minute. But for now I feel comfortable that these dining choices will stay in place.

Hopefully in 67 days I'll be back to normal life and remembering the good meals I had at Walt Disney World. I'm sure I will post meal reviews once I'm back. Until then, Have A Magical Day!!!