Monday, January 26, 2015

Madonna Music Monday - 01/26/2015

It's Monday, so it must be time for some Madonna music. I recently came across am AMAZING smash-up video. It's a video that combines two performances of Madonna's great dance-floor classic, VOGUE. The Madonna portion comes from 2012's MDNA World Tour. The second portion is Rihanna's version of VOGUE as performed at the 2008 Fashion Awards. Now I was not aware that Rihanna had covered this song. So when I saw this video pop-up on Facebook, I was really surprised. The person who made this video did a great job of not only combining the two sets of vocals and videos, but also providing some great re-mix elements. Plus making this a black & white video really brings to mind the original VOGUE video. So for today's video, here is Madonna and Rihanna doing double-duty on one the greatest dance songs ever produced. Here is VOGUE!!! Enjoy!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walt Disney World, Here I Come...2015 Edition...

And so it begins. Looks like my friend and I have decided to visit Walt Disney World this May. Memorial Day Weekend to be exact. Rumors are swirling that Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom will be open for 24 Hours on Friday May 22nd to Saturday May 23rd. So my friend Albert asked if we should go and check out the fun. After looking at various options, we have decided on staying at POP Century, getting park hopper tickets and buying the basic dining plan. So now its time to plan our trip.

We'll be at Disney World from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday should be easy days at the parks. Friday thru Sunday will be busy because of the holiday weekend and if the parks will be open for 24 hours on Friday. 

I kinda have a BIG plan if the Magic Kingdom is open all day. As of now, I have visited 3 parks and Downtown Disney in one day. That was back in 2006. On June 4th 2006, I took my nephew for a one-day visit after my cousin's wedding. Yeah, I had my priorities. LOL! So on that day we visited Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Downtown Disney and the Magic Kingdom. From 9am to Midnight. So if there is a 24 hour event this year, we plan to visit all four parks and Downtown Disney from 6am Friday to 6am Saturday. We'll see what happens as my trip gets closer and details get updated.

So I now have 118 Days to get this trip planned and organized. Plus this will be my 1st trip using the new Magic Bands at Walt Disney World. THIS should be interesting....

Until my next posting, Have a Magical Day!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Madonna Musica Martes - 11/11/2014

Last week was a very important anniversary in Madonna's career. It was the 30th anniversary of Madonna's classic hit song, LIKE A VIRGIN. It will probably be the milestone song of Madonna's legacy. You would think that Madonna would distance herself from this 80's Classic. But as you can see, it remains one of Madonna's staples in her various concerts over the years. From 1984 up thru 2012, Madonna has performed various variations of the pop classic. Regardless of what version you enjoy of Like A Virgin, it's still an amazing song. So for today's posting, I have put together a play-list of the various live performances of Like A Virgin from over the years. Enjoy!!!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Madonna Music Monday - 10/06/2014

As you know, I'm a big Madonna fan. A really HUGE Madonna fan. But there seems to be an even bigger fan than me. Glen O'Neil over at Coponfilms is a movie fan, especially films by Quentin Tarantino. As you remember at the beginning of Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino's 1st film, a group of crooks gather at a diner discussing the meaning behind Madonna's classic song LIKE A VIRGIN. Well Coponfilms decided to make their own LIKE A VIRGIN video, using clips of dialog from all of Tarantino's films. The result is quite funny (especially the x-rated dialog clips used instead of the Madonna's original lyrics) and entertaining. So for today's video, here is Coponfilms' version of the great Madonna song. Enjoy!!!




Monday, September 22, 2014

Madonna Music Monday - 09/22/2014

So last week was the 14th anniversary of the release of Madonna's 8th studio album, MUSIC. A high-point in Madonna's discography, it spawned three hit singles. The title track was a Number One hit single in 25 countries. So to celebrate this anniversary, here is the live performance of MUSIC from Madonna's 2001 Drowned World Tour. Enjoy!

Madonna - Music - Drowned World Tour Live 2001


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Fractured Ankle, A Scooter and Disneyland...

So this past May I spent 5 days at Disneyland. I did the usual things I do on any Disneyland trip. Ride my favorite attractions, do character Meet & Greets, try out new dining options. But this time around, there was one major difference. I had fractured my ankle in 5 places on a 'black-ice' slip & fall in late March. I quickly had surgery and was wearing a soft cast and using a walking boot. Two days before my trip, my doctor gave me the 'all-clear' to walk on my foot with full pressure using the boot, but advised against all-day marathon walking. So now the question becomes "How Do I Enjoy Disneyland with LIMITED WALKING?"

Knowing that I would need to do minimal walking on my trip, I went over to DISBOARDS.COM and posted my question to my fellow Disney friends: I'll be visiting Disneyland with a healing ankle and a walking boot...what should I do???

After reading a few responses, the answer was pretty clear: I should rent an ECV scooter.

After getting some recommendations and going over various price quotes, I settled on a rental. I went with Deckert's Rentals, which quoted me $135 for a Saturday thru Wednesday rental. They would deliver the scooter to my hotel (I was staying at a hotel near Katella Ave & Harbor Blvd). There was no delivery charge or any deposits required. When I arrived at my hotel, the scooter was already delivered and waiting for me. The hotel I was staying at told me that when I was done with the scooter for the day, that I could leave the scooter at the front desk and they would store the scooter and charge it over-night for me. This way, the scooter did not take up any space in my hotel room. When I was ready to head to Disneyland every morning, I would just head to the front desk, ask for my scooter and head out to the parks.

I would ride the scooter to Disneyland from my hotel, go through security, go through the ticket turnstiles and roam around the park. Here is video of me heading out to the parks one morning:

Once I decided what area I was planning to tour, I would park the scooter with the other parked scooters and wheelchairs or in some hidden corner away from the crowds. I would walk to the attractions I wanted to ride and stand in lines if I needed to. If I got tried from walking or standing, or if I was done with a certain area, then I would get back onto the scooter, ride to another part of the part and repeat my routine. I would leave the scooter unattended for a few hours. And every time I came back for the ECV, it would be OK. I think a couple times the ECV was moved to a location away from crowds or the attraction I was visiting. The scooter worked out GREAT. This made touring Disneyland so easy for me. Using an ECV scooter at Disneyland SAVED my trip. 

Not only did using an ECV scooter help me with getting around the parks with minimum walking, but I was able to take advantage of certain perks that comes with using a scooter at Disneyland. I was able to get special Fast Passes that allowed me to skip waiting in long lines at the most popular rides. The basic procedure was that I would go to the exit area of the attraction I was interested in riding, say Peter Pan's Flight in Fantasyland, go to the Cast Member working the attraction, show them my scooter or my foot in the walking boot, and get issued a hand-written Fast Pass with a designated time to return to the attraction. For the most part, the wait time to ride would be for a short period. Maybe no more than 30 minutes. The following is the Fast Pass I got when I wanted to ride Peter Pan's Flight.

As you can see, the posted stand-by wait time for Peter Pan's Flight was 35 minutes. However, I could return back to the attraction in 25 minutes. This gave me enough time to park my scooter, walk back to the attraction and wait for my turn.

In the Fast Pass I got for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the posted stand-by wait time was 1 hour, 10 minutes. I just had to wait 15 MINUTES before it was my time to ride. I'm sure the wait times are based on certain criteria like crowd levels, time of day, popularity of the ride. Or maybe it's just random depending on how many people are requesting the special Fast Passes that day. In the case with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, I was able to ride the attraction 3 times by skipping the stand-by line. When an attraction had no special accommodation for people in wheelchairs, I would just get a regular, computer-issue Fast Pass if they were available. 

For the 5 days I was touring Disneyland, I might have used these special Fast Passes a handful of times. Lucky for me, I was able to use the regular Fast Passes to avoid waiting in any long lines. But to know that I could avoid some major lines on the popular attractions was a great comfort and relief. Plus knowing that I was using an ECV on this trip and that it was my umpteenth visit to Disneyland, I knew this was gonna be a very low-key, non-aggressive trip. I didn't have to ride EVERY attraction on this trip, just my faves. I think I even skipped riding Toy Story Midway Mania on this trip. Actually I think I only spent one day at Disney California Adventure and the other four days at Disneyland. 

So all in all, I am very grateful that I was able to enjoy my Disneyland trip despite traveling with a walking boot and using a ECV scooter. Every day I used the scooter, I would use it to move around the parks. I actually did walk a bit, going from attraction to attraction within a certain area. Even thou I would be at the parks from opening to closing, maybe taking mid-day breaks or taking my time with my dining plans, the scooter hardly lost a charge. The scooter was always 100% charged whenever I got back on it. So if you end up with a fractured ankle and need to use a wheelchair or scooter to tour Disneyland, I highly recommend that you do. You'll be glad you did!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Madonna Music Monday - 09/15/2014

30 years ago this week, THIS happened on MTV...I think we all know what happened next. ENJOY!!!